How to prepare a Pintxo Tapas Galician Steak

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Pintxo Galician Steak Tartare is often see served with a raw egg yolk, my version uses a quails egg. In years gone by this dish was known as steak àl 'Americaine.


400g of Galican beef fillet, finley diced

40g of banana shallots, finley chopped

40g of cornichons, finely shopped here a theme going on here…

40g baby capers, finley chopped, there a theme going on here…

1 tbsp of tomato ketchup

1 tsp flat-leaf parsley, finely choppede a theme going on here…

5 drops of tabasco

10 ml Spanish Brandy

1 tsp of chives, finley chopped

1 tsp flat-leaf parsley, finley chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

To Serve

4 quails egg yokes

4 slices of sourdough bread

Rocket leaves

Spanish extra virgin olive oil for drizzling


1. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients for the steak tartare until the mix starts to bind together. Allow the mix to sit for 10 minutes for the flavours to blend together.

2. To plate the steak tartare, spoon the mix into an individual round cutter mould on all four plates. Drizzle each portion with a little of the sauce left in the bowl. Top each tartare with a raw quail egg yolk and accompany with a slice of toasted sourdough bread and some dressed rocket leaves in extra virgin olive oil. Season with a touch of salt and serve immediately.

Top tip

Quails eggs have a much tougher membrane than a hens egg. To take the top off use a serrated tomato knife and cut the thicker end not the pointed end. This way you will be able to remove the egg from the shell, separate the yoke and carefully replace in the shell.

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