Are you interested in promoting your products or brands with Appetizing Adventures? Great! I’m interested in that, too.



Appetizing Adventures is able to participate in sponsored posts 1-2 times a month for products and items that reflect the blog’s goal of making real, whole, healthy, and/or organic cooking accessible for busy people. I will, in turn, promise to provide a well-written, non-spammy, seamless narrative integrating your product and promote the post on social media in order to get it as much exposure as possible. Health food products, spices and seasonings, and yummy ingredients are welcome for new recipe development and promotion on my blog and/or social media. Food storage, cooking utensils, and appliances also apply. Contact me for more details at Tim (at) aboveandbeyondcatering (dot) co (dot) UK (or use the form below)!

Note about sponsored posts: I am not accepting posts written by third parties/guest posts on my blog. It’s important to me that I maintain a consistent voice on my blog and control my quality standards.



Giveaways are a surefire way to get the word out about your products. Appetizing Adventures is able to promote products and review products for giveaways if I believe the products would be a good fit for my readers. Giveaways are usually a supplement to a sponsored post. Contact me for more details.



I love creating new recipes, and I love taking pretty pictures of food. Have an ingredient or brand you want to promote? I’d love to create a recipe based on it and/or photograph the dish for your website, packaging, or social media.


Contact me for more details.


Please email me at tim @ aboveandbeyondcatering . co . uk or DM me on instagram  if you are interested in working or partnering with Appetizing Adventures! I’d love to send you my media kit and a partnership proposal.